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New Metrics from ODE/OHA
Governor Brown along with officials from ODE/OHA announced revised statewide metrics as part of the revision to its Ready Schools, Safe Learners (Ver 4.0.0; Oct 30, 2020)
  • Revised guidance for LIPI has increased cohort sizes from 10 to 20 students per two-hour session. To date, ARC cohorts have been about five students per day with a plan to gradually allow more students.
  • New General Metrics were announced with revised guidance with specific case levels for these categories: On-Site, On-Site and Distance Learning (DLSNC is here), transition planning (cases rising or falling), and solely Distance Learning.
  • School Metrics Data (published weekly on Monday afternoon) has a new reporting mode; whereas previous case counts per county were confined to a single week, now case counts per county will be reported over a two-week period. For instance, in the two-week period from Oct 18 to 31, Multnomah County reported 167.2 cases/100K residents, a steady rise since early October. That is, each weekly report will be a two-week look-back at cases.